No October Meeting

There is no meeting this coming Tuesday, October 30th.  Please join us for our next monthly meeting on Tuesday, November 27th, 2018.  We continue to meet at 7 p.m. in the Community Room at Bristol Glen in Newton, NJ.

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February Meeting Cancelled

The February Meeting, scheduled for Tuesday the 26th has been cancelled due to expected inclement weather.  Please join us next month at our March meeting, to be held at 7:00 p.m. on Tuesday the 26th.

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October Meeting Announcement

JHOS will hold its next meeting on Tuesday, October 23rd at 7:00 p.m. 

There will be two main components to this month’s meeting.  First, Edith and Jim received  Orchid seedlings for a hands on project entitled  Mounting in a Basket   All supplies will be provided at a cost of $6.00 each and you can make more than one.

In addition to the mounting demonstration, Doyle Frank will present a lecture on Orchid shows, plant preparation and AOS judging.  The goal of this talk is to help our members prepare to enter an orchid show this upcoming winter or spring.

Joe Heydel’s Orchids! The Orchids will be available for purchase, the cost is $10.00 per each plant.    The proceeds from the sale of the Orchids will go towards funding an award for a American Orchid Society event. Re-potting material will be available if you care to re-pot any plant.

Membership Renewal is due for anyone who did not sign up in September.  The membership dues are: $25.00 single and $35.00 family.  This is a great time to bring a guest or family member who may be interested in joining our group.  We are always looking for new members and welcome your ideas for meeting topics. 

Don’t forget our plant table where you are welcomed to bring plants that you would like to share with the group for display and discussion.

As usual we will have our raffle with great prizes!

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Potting Party at the June Meeting

The June JHOS meeting will be held on Tuesday June 26, at 7:00 p.m.

The meeting will be a “hands on” re-potting session of Oncidium seedlings, which have been provided by last month’s speaker Sharon Chaplinsky.

The medium, pots and/or any other materials will be provided for all members.

While we’re essentially helping Sharon to get a handle on this job, for which she might not have much time, in turn she is offering us to buy any re-potted Oncidium for the price of  $5.–.

However we’ll be charging a final price of $ 7.– per plant to our members; the extra two dollars will go into our treasury.

I hope everyone can attend, it’s our last meeting before the summer.

We will continue with both the show table and the  “trouble table.”  As always, please limit your selections for each table to two plants per member.

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May Meeting – Potting Media Instruction

The May meeting of the Society will take place on Tuesday, May 22nd at 7:00 p.m. and will feature a discussion about orchid potting media by guest presenter Sharon Chaplinsky.  This is a very timely discussion as potting season is certainly upon us!!

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April Meeting Announcement

The April meeting will be held on Tuesday the 24th at 7:00 p.m. and will be a hands-on lesson about water quality for your orchids.  Our own Jim & Edith McGrath will lead a discussion about the importance of water quality for successful orchid growth and will bring equipment to help asses your water supply.  Please bring a sample of the water you currently use for your orchids in a clean container or jar.

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Repotting Supplies Available from Parkside – Delivered Direct to the March Meeting

Its getting to be that time of year again….if you have already begun re-potting or are just starting your springtime rituals, please see the message below from member Doyle Frank:
Orchid supplies are available from Parkside Orchid Nursery 2503 Mtn. View Dr., Pottsville PA 18942, 610-847-8039.
To order:  Go to Go to supplies and make your selection of supplies and then order by phone. Arrange to pay for your supplies. Tell them (John or Tom at Parkside), that Doyle Frank will pick them up.  I (Doyle) will pick them up for you and bring them to the next JHOS meeting. (Saving the buyer the cost of shipping).
OR:  Visit the nursery on the weekends.  Directions: Interstate 80W to 33 South (Snyderville exit). Take 33 S to Int 78 W.  Take 1st exit south to Hellertown 412 S. Follow 412 South for approximately 13 miles to 463 W (light at the intersection) right turn. Go 1/3 mile to Parkside. Time from Blairstown NJ is approximately 1hr and 10 minutes.”
Happy hunting!
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